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Cannes 2017: THE BEGUILED and TWIN PEAKS [Quick Takes]

By Manuel de Layet [05.25.17]

Editor's Note: "Quick Takes," as the name suggest, are initial impressions on movies from our man-on-the-ground at Cannes.

The Beguiled, dir. Sophia Coppola

I have trouble with this one, not that I didn't enjoy it but there is something lacking.

Everything works as intended and there isn't a dull moment, the dialogue is witty with more sexual innuendo per second than in a congress of nuns.

Sophia Coppola made exploring the yearnings of the teenage flesh her trademark. The theme is still relevant adding a pair of spinsters to the mix.

And yet, there, mere hours after the screening I can't for the life of me recall anything standing out or worth analysis. That is not a good sign, I'm still haunted by Loveless which I saw a week ago and this one only brings some emptiness wrapped in a petticoat.

It's the cinematic equivalent of a meringue. Beautiful, sugary, yet lacking in sustenance.

"Twin Peaks," dir. David Lynch

Holy flaming Christ playing banjo with a bleeding porcupine.

Recommended Releas: Twin Peaks: The Original Series, Fire Walk With Me & The Missing Pieces

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