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By Marina Antunes [06.12.17]

One of the most curious additions to the upcoming War for the Planet of the Apes is Nova (Amiah Miller), the little girl who has made an appearance in the trailers but whose role is still mostly mysterious.

In a newly released clip, we see how Caesar finds Nova and how she comes to join the apes and though we're still not certain what part she plays in the final chapter of the series, it's clear that as the sole human in the ape camp, she will play a key role.

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War for the Planet of the Apes opens July 14.

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  • Genius (10 months ago)

    of course seeing a film now you see the trailer for this junk.
    The only Planet of the Apes that is good is the first on with Charlton Heston.
    All the others are just irrelevant.
    Poor scrips, stupid plots, not music that stands out, poor subject matter, pathetic scifi films.
    Yes they keep producing this junk.
  • aladdin sarsippious sulemanagic jackson iii (9 months ago)

    nova good god
    no doubt
    sludgy consciousnesses nense
    hi btw
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