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Fantasia 2017: BITCH Has Bite [Review]

By Marina Antunes [07.20.17]

We've met them. They're often moms who appear to have the perfect life: loving husband, beautiful home, lovely children. Jill was one of those moms but life slowly started to chip away at her and when we meet her in the opening scene of Marianna Palka's Bitch she's had enough and her way of dealing with it is... interesting.

Palka plays triple duty writing, directing and starring in this family dramedy which has, to say the least, a lot of bite. It's not often that we get a movie that speaks so frankly to the hardships of stay-at-home moms. How overlooked and unappreciated they are - often only being noted for their occasional oversights rather than the magic tricks they pull off every god-damned day.

Palka's choice to have Jill deal with her breakdown by turning into a feral dog is unconventional but more than that, it provides a physical incarnation of the anger and rage that so many women keep bottled. It's also funny and sad and adds levity, along with a streak of terror, to an otherwise conventional family drama.

Plaka gives a Fearless performance but the real star here is Jason Ritter who continues to impress.

Put Bitch on your radar. It's one you'll want to catch-up with when it opens later this year.

Recommended Release: The Bad Batch

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