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THE WALKING DEAD Season 8 Trailer

By Christopher Webster [07.21.17]

It’s all-out war in The Walking Dead when season 8 Premieres Sunday, October 22 on AMC. The cast and crew appeared at Comic Con today to show off some news stuff including this extended trailer.

Despite the fact that I know many people who have fallen off the Walking Dead bandwagon, I'm not one of them. I still think it's one of the best shows on television and a high point for zombie media that continually takes risks.

Having said that, I definitely understand much of the criticism leveled at he show over recent years. I have my own, particularly the way it handled some cliff hangers over the last few seasons as well as the introduction of some off-book characters.

What do you guys think? What continues to work about Walking Dead and what doesn't?

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  • Rann Xeroxx (6 months ago)

    I watched every episode of this show till this last season. I just can't watch another cartoon character like Keegan or all of these other situations that maybe great for a comic but translates poorly onto TV. This is just not interesting.
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