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Fat Kid Missing From READY PLAYER ONE Trailer

By quietearth [07.22.17]

Right out of the trailer - from Ernest Cline's "The Holy Grail of Pop Culture", and Steven Spielberg "The Cinematic Game Changer." While it doesn't look like the book (why isn't he fat?) let's hope everything else is accurate.

  • Koolz (11 months ago)

    I don't know this one. Is is about a kid who loses himself in a VR world?

    Trailer music before the song was horrible poor harmonic voice leading.
  • Wumpus (11 months ago)

    Obesity can always be added in post.
  • Casper (11 months ago)

    I imagined Wade being a little less cute and a little more average. Not totally down with his Oasis character looking strait out of a Final Fantasy game either! Where the hell is Aech!
  • Casper (11 months ago)

    Ok so the giant orc thing is Aech's character. uhh... mmm....
  • Genius (11 months ago)

    Book doesn't sound deep enough for me.
    I loved the 80's! The 80's was Classical Music Era where a Composers and Musicians could get lines of people that want to hear them.
    Horowitz's last Concert in American was such a huge event!
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