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BLADE RUNNER Anime Coming From Cowboy Bebop Director

By John Connor [09.18.17]

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As we sit in heated anticipation for Blade Runner 2049, word has come that Cowboy Bebop's Watanabe Shinichiro has created his own Blade Runner spin off anime, Black Out 2022.

The new anime short takes place shortly after the events of the original 1982 film and it will stream on the Sony Pictures Japan YouTube channel on September 26th!

Here's an announcement teaser to enjoy until then!

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  • Dan_M (1 year ago)

    Love the look of the cityscapes - they have a bit of Mega City One in them too I think.
  • Genius (1 year ago)

    Woo Yea!
    I wasn't impressed with the music to BLAME! I thought the movie was to for all audiences even. Had a cool ending song which could have done more in the second repeat.
    So it's nice to see something like this. love the FX on the synth.
    Love the look!
    Only a short film though huh.
  • Genius (11 months ago)
    Black Out 2022

    damn can't wait for the film!
  • Christopher (11 months ago)

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