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Do Blade Runner and Alien Exist in the Same Universe? [Video]

By John Connor [10.05.17]

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There's no question that Ridley Scott is determined to shift the focus of the Alien franchise he created away from Xenomorphs and into a conversation about A.I. and "creation" itself. Sounds a lot more like a Blade Runner film doesn't it? Well what if the two franchises have been more closely linked than we thought all along.

If you're interested in these kinds of things then the following video should interest you. It captures a number of clues and easter eggs in the films and beyond, linking the worlds of both franchises together.

About the video:
For years, fans have been looking for connections between the Alien series and Blade Runner. This video explores references, Easter Eggs, and themes that may support this theory.


Recommended Release: Blade Runner

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