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Netflix Premiering THE END OF THE FUCKING WORLD on Friday [Trailer]

By Marina Antunes [01.02.18]

The year is just starting and Netflix wants to be sure you have more to watch after binging a load of original content over the holidays ("Mindhunter" and "Dark" are both stupendous and immediate must watches. The latest season of "Black Mirror" is more misses than hits. Bright is unexceptionally mediocre and really silly). The latest acquisition is "The End of the Fucking World," an adaptation of Charlie Covell's comic series of the same title.

The dramedy follows James and Alyssa, two seventeen-year-olds with psychopathic tendencies who embark on a road trip to find Alyssa's biological father with plenty of drama ensuing over the course of their adventure.

"The End of the Fucking World" certainly looks like fun but it's clear why the series is so short - clocking in at eight 25 minute episodes: finding the right balance between drama and comedy with this subject matter isn't easy and could get tiresome in hour-long episodes.

That said, Covell has a proven track record as a solid writer having contributed to the excellent "Humans."

"The End of the Fucking World" will be available for binging on January 5; just in time for the first weekend of 2018.

Recommended Release: Humans: Season 1

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