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Alain Moussi Returns to Fight The Mountain in KICKBOXER: RETALIATION [Trailer]

By Marina Antunes [01.04.18]

My knee jerk reaction to the re-emergence of the Kickboxer franchise a couple of years ago was scepticism but somewhere between Alain Moussi's charm (interview) and JCVD playing sensei, I was won over by Kickboxer: Vengeance (trailer) so yeah, you'd better believe I'm looking forward to the follow-up: Kickboxer: Retaliation.

This time around Kurt Sloane (Moussi), who has vowed never to return to Thailand after the events of the first movie, is kidnapped, forcibly returned to the country and thrown in jail. To get out, he needs to fight the biggest, baddest fighter out there: Mongkut (played by Icelandic strongman Hafpor Julius Bjornsson - best known as The Mountain on "Game of Thrones").

In addition to JCVD who returns in what appears to be a fairly small capacity as sensei, the movie also stars Mike Tyson (because why not?) and the ever awesome Christopher Lambert.

This time around, writer/producer Dimitri Logothetis is taking over the director's chair but it looks like Kickboxer: Retaliation features more of what made Vengeance so much fun: ridiculous fight scenes, endless training sequences and Moussi kicking a whole lot of ass.

Kickboxer: Retaliation opens January 26.

Recommended Release: Kickboxer: Vengeance

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