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BOYHOOD Goes Apocalyptic in FERAL

By Marina Antunes [01.08.18]

It was only a matter of time before Richard Linklater's Boyhood approach trickled down the indie scene and it has landed in an interesting, if unexpected place: the post-apocalyptic genre.

Writer/director David Liban's Feral stars his son Caleb Liban as Sonny, an 11-year-old boy on his own in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Sonny encounters a woman named Emma (Danielle Prall) who, with her trusty dog, takes it upon herself to teach Sonny how to survive in this new world.

Feral is being produced in four parts with each part being produced a year apart with Caleb reprising his role in each part and essentially growing up on camera. The first two parts have already been produced and part three is scheduled to go into production later this year. When all is said and done, Sonny will have aged from 11 to 15 during the course of the film.

Though on the surface breaking the project into four smaller parts makes it a bit more manageable financially, it also raises a few problems namely, keeping the production together over a 4 year schedule. So far, this doesn't seem to have been a problem for Liban and his team though for part three, the production is expanding scope and needs a bit of help with production funding and to that end, they've launched a Seed and Spark campaign.

The first two parts have done well with screenings at the Denver Film Festival, Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival and Wasteland Film Festival and though I'm curious about the project, I must admit I'm more interested to see it as a feature once all four parts are completed rather than as individual short films.

Recommended Release: Boyhood

  • buddy (1 year ago)

    it bugs me when actors in pa movies have nice clean faces. they should be wearing filthy clothes
  • dliban (6 months ago)

    Thanks so much for posting!! We just wrapped part 3 on June 11. Editing has begun.
  • Wumpus (6 months ago)

    I wonder whether 11-14 is enough aging to be worth the bother of filming this way. Boyhood was a lot more dramatic (6-18).
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