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ALTERED CARBON: 250-Year-Old Detectives is Only the Beginning [Trailer]

By Marina Antunes [01.11.18]

There is no question that at the moment, the thing I'm most looking forward to is "Altered Carbon." It was obvious after the release of the first trailer that this was the key bit of entertainment to look forward to in the early days of 2018 and a newly minted trailer which offers even more set-up of the show has only continued to cement that fact.

Based on Richard K. Morgan's book of the same title, the series takes place some 500 years in the future in a world where scientists have mastered the ability to transfer consciousness into different bodies.

Joel Kinnaman stars as Takeshi Kovacs, a 250-year-old spy-for-hire who is brought back in the body of a guy with military training, to investigate and track down the killer of Laurens Bancroft played by James Purefoy.

Whereas the first trailer gave us a pretty basic introduction to the world, this one provides a more thorough explanation of both the world and the key players.

The new trailer also provides an even better look at the world show runner Laeta Kalogridis and her team have put together and it looks impressive as hell.

All 10 episodes of "Altered Carbon" will be streaming on Netflix come February 2.

Recommended Release: Altered Carbon

  • Genius (6 days ago)

    Can't wait!
  • xOx (4 days ago)

    I will miss not having The Hendrix as a character. Edgar Allan Poe seems bit of white wash replacement.
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