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Nicholas Cage's MANDY Coming This Summer!

By Marina Antunes [03.08.18]

Some excellent news for fans of the absurd. It's been announced that RLJE Films has picked up the rights to Mandy which, after premiering at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, was being heralded as the "must watch" Nicholas Cage unhinged movie.

The movie stars Cage and Andrea Riseborough as Red and the titular Mandy respectively, a couple living in "primal wilderness of 1983." When Mandy is killed by a religious sect, Red goes hunting for her killers.

In addition to Cage getting to go full crazy, it's worth noting that Mandy is the sophomore effort from Panos Cosmatos who impressed us eight years ago with the mind blowing Beyond the Black Rainbow (review).

Though an exact date has not been announced, Mandy is scheduled for theatrical release this summer.

Recommended Release: Beyond the Black Rainbow

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