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Epic Trailer for Albert Pyun's Indie Space Opera INTERSTELLAR CIVIL WAR

By Christopher Webster [03.23.18]

Epic space battles, sandy wastelands, mysterious magic... I'm not sure exactly what's going on in Interstellar: Civil War, the new space opera from Albert Pyun, but there's ambition to spare in the first real trailer from the movie.

Albert Pyun is mostly known for his post-apocalyptic B-movies including Cyborg, Nemesis, Knights and others, but the director has done quite a variety of films over the years, even, pioneering the one-shot feature with dashcam alien invasion film Invasion.

A elite team of Imperial Empire Galactic Rangers search the ruins of Endor for a cyborg witch called, Leah C6. She is believed to hold data which could destroy a growing rebellion within the Imperial Empire before the Rebels can destroy further planets.

Interstellar Civil War has no release date yet.

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  • Genius (11 months ago)

    the action scenes are silly with that 90's low motion camera work.
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