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Man Gets Weaponized in UPGRADE [Trailer]

By Marina Antunes [04.03.18]

The set-up for Leigh Whannell's sophomore feature is a well warn trope: man's wife is killed and man is left for dead. Except he's not dead, he's quadriplegic. When given the opportunity to avenge his wife, he volunteers for a program where a nanobot is surgically implanted into his body, giving him not only full movement but essentially making him superhuman.

This is Upgrade, the latest from Whannell who previously directed Insidious: Chapter 3.

Produced by Blum House, Upgrade stars Logan Marshall-Green as Grey, the man who volunteers to have a computer implanted into his body, making him Robocop-lite.

It's easy to guess that on top of avenging his wife, Grey is going to run into some problems with the computer and/or the people that implanted it but the trailer for Upgrade is simply designed to provide basic plot and lots of scenes of Marshall-Green talking to himself and being surprised at how much ass kicking he's kicking before he begins to enjoy being a badass.

A recent winner of the Audience Award of SXSW Midnight, Upgrade is looking like it could be a great bit of counter programming from the summer movie releases.

Upgrade opens June 1.

Recommended Release: Gamer

  • dirtyrotter (10 months ago)

    LOL, so hes a one man knightrider
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