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Trailer for Mysterious Post-Apocalyptic WE'VE FORGOTTEN MORE THAN WE EVER KNEW

By Christopher Webster [04.13.18]

Better late than never is my motto, which is why I'm sharing some information on Thomas Woodrow's intoxicating post-apocalyptic We've Forgotten More than We Ever Knew, a film that comes highly recommended by quietearth.

The film stars Doug Jones (The Shape of Water, Hellboy) along with Louisa Krause and Aaron Stanford.

After traversing a hostile post-apocalyptic wilderness for many years, a pair of survivors encounters the ruins of a vanished society. What they discover will threaten their relationship, their memories, and their future.

The film was released last year by The Orchard who continues to prove they have a good taste in indies. Watch out, A24!

Recommended Release: Embers

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  • MrSatyre (10 months ago)

    "...a film that comes highly recommended by quietearth."

    You're recommending yourself now?
  • Christopher (10 months ago)

    Haha. No, I mean the founder of the site (DN) who goes by "quietearth" :)
  • test (10 months ago)

    That would be me.. and yes, this is a solid little film. Just don't expect answers.

    Aaron Stanford also stars in Syfy's 12 Monkeys which is excellent.
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