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New Blackpills Series FUTURE SEX Looks Provocative and Brilliant [Trailer]

By John Connor [06.04.18]

If you haven't checked out the latest streaming service Blackpills, now's the time. It's free and not only do they have a Luc Besson assassin show on there called Playground, but their new sci-fi anthology Future Sex looks incredible.

The series was produced by Scott Glassgold who recently released the sci-fi western, Prospect, along with Stephan Zlotescu's Punkcity and H1 Films.

The Year is 2030... Imagine a world where reality isn’t what it seems, the future can be changed, and technology is the rule of law. Enter the world of FUTURE SEX, an anthology series which depicts the intricate relationships and love stories of five different couples as they experience virtual and futuristic adventures.

Meet Barbara, who struggles with addictions and uses VR to escape and Megan, a happily married woman who is looking to expand her husband's sexual experiences. As they push the boundaries, plunging their lives closer to danger, will they be able to escape this alternate universe or will they be trapped in this lawless, hedonistic prison of their own making?

The series was written by Hank Woon and directed by Tomas Moya, with production design by RALUCA PORUMBACU, and with cinematography by Moya, Martin Landsburg and H1 (Ground Control).

Check it out below:

Recommended Release: Black Mirror (region 2)

Via: ScreenAnarchy

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