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Must Watch Trailer for Russian Cyberpunk Animation CYBERSLAV

By Christopher Webster [10.09.18]

Russian studio, Evil Pirate Studio, ave debuted an amazing frickin' trailer for their upcoming animated film CyberSlav.

They say:
CYBERSLAV - this is not a fur coat in your pants to fill, this is the coolest teenage epic with an abundance of action in the most unusual setting that you can remember.

Are you ready to shoot Russian folk scum from plasmamags? Hold on to the chair, it is coming!

Yes, we are ready. Please, may we have some more?

Recommended Release: Attraction

Via: ScreenAnarchy

  • kantorenhuis (10 months ago)

    Wait don't sidestep while I shoot my slow powering plasma thing at you. Nice I like it.
  • shiteater (9 months ago)

    looks like a heaping shit pile
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