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Holiday Recommendations

By Marina Antunes [12.24.18]

The team here at Quiet Earth will be spending some much well-deserved down-time recuperating from the year over the holiday season but with we didn't want to leave you without wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season and thanking you all for being a huge part of our community.

Thank you for making us a part of your love of entertainment. You could get your news from millions of different places and we appreciate that you choose to bring us into your lives.

Rather than a favourites list (which may still come!), we wanted to leave you with a few suggestions of titles from throughout the year that you may want to catch-up with over the holidays, either sharing them with family or as a way to unwind after family visits. However you opt to enjoy these, the key is that you make the effort to see them.

All of these titles, with the exception of one, are now available to buy or stream. In alphabetical order:


Alex Garland's latest is as challenging a film as any you'll see this year and like the novel it's based on, it defies clear genre boundaries to deliver a beautifully haunting sci-fi tales. Featuring a collection of fantastic performances and another interesting dance sequence, this is not to be missed.

A Quiet Place

John Krasinski's feature film debut came as a surprise: a solid B-movie concept elevated by great production and sound design and great performances. Emily Blunt is firing on all cylinders. Always.


While the third act devolves into a bat-shit crazy 70's paranoid, supernatural horror movie, the rest of Ari Aster's debut plays like a slightly askew, slow-burn family drama with touches of horror. It's a great ensemble performance but Alex Wolff and Toni Collette are particularly mesmerizing.


Bill Oliver's feature film debut begins as an unassuming tale of brothers sharing a life but the unfolding narrative proves to be far more complicated and fascinating story that delves into the human psyche in some interesting ways. Fantastic performance from Ansel Elgort.


This is probably not one you'll want to watch with the entire family but Panos Cosmatos' companion piece to Beyond the Black Rainbow is an eye-melting extravaganza which features one of the great Cage performances of the last decade.

The Favourite

If you only have time for one movie this holiday season, make it this one. Yorgos Lanthimos' latest is weird and wacky and brilliant in the way you'd expect from a Lanthimos movie but also far more accessible than his previous works which means mom and dad will enjoy it as well - even if they don't get the ending.

Happy Holidays!

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