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Are you Ready for Another GHOSTBUSTERS? [Trailer]

By John Connor [01.16.19]

It's official. Jason Reitman will co-write and direct a new installment in the Ghostbusters series, ignoring the 2016 film that some felt was a miscalculated attempt at rebooting the series. Reitman is the son of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II director Ivan Reitman.

The new film which is set to release in 2020 will take place in the "original universe" which means it will likely be a direct sequel to Ghostbusters II, but we'll see. The film will be co-written with Gil Kenan (Monster House).

And if you don't believe it, there's already a teaser which I think gets the tone exactly right.

Recommended Release: Ghosbusters 1 & 2

  • MrSatyre (6 months ago)

    I am so looking forward to this in a 100% toxic masculine, binary, non SJW sort of way.
  • wa5 (6 months ago)

    You need a shave mate :)
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