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FURIOUS UK Trailer for Russian Historical Actioner

By Christopher Webster [03.06.19]

As the Mongol hordes begin ransacking Russia, the invaders pillage and burn down the cities, flooding Russian soil with blood, until a Ryazan takes up arms to defend his people. Kolovrat leads a detachment of several hundred brave souls to avenge his love, his people, and his homeland.

A breath-taking story of courage, endurance and self-sacrifice for the sake of one's country. The legendary story of Kolvorat the Furious.

Furious, originally titled Legend of Kolovrat (or ??????? ? ?????????), is co-directed by Russian filmmakers Dzhanik Fayziev (Kammi, The Turkish Gambit, August Eighth) & Ivan Shurkhovetskiy (second unit director on Stalingrad).

The screenplay is written by Dmitriy Raevskiy, Evgeniy Raevskiy, and Sergei Udakov. This originally opened in Russia in late 2017, though is just now getting released in English-language countries.

Furious will be released in UK cinemas + on VOD this spring.

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