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Cannes Breakout VIVARIUM Coming to US [Clip]

By Marina Antunes [07.15.19]

Writer/director Lorcan Finnegan's sophomore effort Vivarium garnered quite a bit of buzz at its Cannes Critic's Week premiere and now the film that impressed critics and audiences alike will be seen by North American audiences care of Saban Films which has picked up US rights to the sci-fi thriller.

Vivarium stars Imogen Poots and Jesse Eisenberg as a young couple in search of the perfect starter home. The pair end up in Vavarium, a housing development being sold as something completely different from other residential subdivisions. Needless to say, different isn't always good as the pair find themselves trapped there.

While a trailer for Vivarium isn't yet available, the first clip from the movie provides a little indication of what we can expect, namely a dry sense of humour and a very stylized production design.

Saban Films has yet to confirm the release dates for Vivarium but festival attendees may luck out and catch a glimpse of this in the coming months, including those attending Fantasia.

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