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First Look at Christmas Themed Horror Anthology DEATHCEMBER [Teaser]

By Marina Antunes [07.15.19]

Horror anthologies have become quite popular over the years and though the last one of note is now a few years old (Tales of Halloween), it looks like the concept is still alive and kicking.

Coming in time for Christmas is Deathcember: 24 Doors to Hell. The holiday themed horror anthology includes new short films from Pollyanna McIntosh (Darlin'), Isaac Ezban (Parallel), Lucky McKee (May, The Woman), Lee Sang-woo (Barbie) and Ruggero Deodato (Cannibal HolocaustCannibal Holocaust.

Deathcember is comprised of 24 short films and 3 bonus segments, "each inspired by a unique take on holiday terror, with concepts ranging from giallo-inspired to stop-motion to Japanese ghost tales, and beyond every corner of the horror genre."

Anthologies are always a bit hit-and-miss but on the upside, if you're not enjoying the current segment, the next is only a few minutes away. Considering Deathcember features 24 segments, I can only imagine these are all very short which makes this entire endeavour that much more appealing.

Deathcember is set to premiere in 2019.

Recommended Release: Creepshow

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