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EVENT HORIZON Series in Development at Amazon

By Marina Antunes [08.06.19]

If you are as much of an Event Horizon fan as some of us in these parts, news that the movie is getting new life (sort of) will come as a welcomed surprise.

It appears Amazon is looking for new projects and one of the titles currently in development with Paramount Television, is a series based on the movie with none other than Adam Wingard set to executive produce and direct.

Wingard, best known for horror movies You're Next and The Guest, as well as less interesting fare as the Blair Witch reboot and the live-action Death Note, is a great a choice as any - he can certainly do horror - and though there are no details on what exactly the television show will cover, if it falls anywhere in the wheelhouse of the movie, the material definitely calls for someone who can handle scares and tension.

At the moment, this feels like a bit of a shot in the dark; an exploratory review of the property for possible options but I must admit, I'll take whatever they're dishing out. Any hopes of getting more of this universe and perhaps having some questions answered would be amazing.

Stay tuned for more as it develops.

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  • uncleB (10 months ago)

    This sounds like it should be good.
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