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Mickey Rourke and Robert De Niro Mystery ANGEL HEART Gets 4K Restoration Release

By Marina Antunes [08.09.19]

Master filmmaker Alan Parker's career, which spanned three decades, includes a number of classic films in genres spreading from prison dramas (Midnight Express) to comedies (The Commitments).

Mixed in among his classics is Angel Heart, a 1987 mystery starring Mickey Rourke as Harry Angel, a private investigator hired by Louis Cyphre, a creepy Robert De Niro, to track down a singer who has disappeared. The case takes a sour turn as anyone with clues or information about the missing singer starts to turn up dead.

Michael Higgins, Charlotte Rampling and Lisa Bonet also star.

Co-written by Parker and Legend writer William Hjortsberg, Angel Heart features overtones of the supernatural and perhaps even a touch of horror; I say perhaps as this is one of the few films in Parker's oeuvre which I've yet to see.

Studiocanal UK is releasing a new 4K restoration of the film which includes an assortment of extras including:

- Alan Parker interview excerpt from "Cineastes des annees 80"
- Audio Commentary with Alan Parker
- Introduction to Angel Heart by Alan Parker
- A Background in Voodoo
- Original EPK and Behind the Scenes Footage
- Behind the Scenes Gallery

Angel Heart in 4K will be released on October 14 and currently only available for pre-order through Amazon UK.

Recommended Release: Midnight Express

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