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Takashi Miike Returns with FIRST LOVE [Trailer]

By Marina Antunes [09.04.19]

Takashi Miike is having an off-year with one movie in distribution but thankfully, First Love looks like a hit.

This offbeat romance follows a young boxer who randomly helps a young woman on the streets of Tokyo only to find himself embroiled in a drug-smuggling scheme which involves said woman who happens to be a call girl, the yakuza and gosh knows what other unsavoury types.

The trailer for First Love plays like a high-octane action-thriller but in typical Miike style, it also includes some pretty gruesome violence; we'd expect no less from the man who seems to revel in over-the-top violence and gore.

First Love has already received much praise in its lead-up to TIFF but we don't have long to wait to see it. Well Go USA will release the movie in select theatres on September 27.

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