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STAKE LAND Director Returns with Sci-Fi Thriller IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON [Trailer]

By Marina Antunes [09.16.19]

Writer/director Jim Mickle is returning to film in a big way after a short stint on the television front and In the Shadow of the Moon, the first project he's directing which he didn't also write, looks like even more of a step-up than Cold in July (review).

The movie re-teams Mickle with Michael C. Hall along with Boyd Holbrook as cops on the beat when three apparently random deaths trun out to be connected. During a chase, the perpetrator, played by Cleopatra Coleman ("Last Man on Earth," Hover (trailer)), dies. Years later, the series of events repeats itself and the dead-woman returns form the dead; sci-fi tropes ensue.

Clearly a much larger production than any of Mickle's other films, In the Shadow of the Moon seems to be just another sci-fi thriller but I love that this time around we have a woman as the apparent time-traveller and Mickle does have a knack for taking on seemingly conventional material which turns out to be unconventional and I'm hopeful the same is true here.

In the Shadow of the Moon will be available on Netflix September 27.

Recommended Release: Cold in July

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