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Creepy Trailer for Russian Alien Horror SPUTNIK

By John Connor [10.07.19]

Here we have the first trailer for Russian director Egor Abramenko's feature debut and it's mighty impressive. We're long time fans of Russian genre content here at QE and Abramenko has honed his craft both as a commercials director and doing second unit work for Russian mega-director Feodor Bondarchuk.

Bondarchuk himself serves as a producer on Sputnik, while also playing a key role alongside The Darkest Hour's Petr Fyodorov.

The story revolves around a young doctor called in by the military to evaluate a cosmonaut returned from a mission under unusual circumstances ... and let's just say he didn't exactly return alone. The trailer will make that bit a whole lot more clear.

There are no subtitles on this but you really don't need them. The mood and tone are absolutely fantastic and we're just dying to see more.

Check it out below!

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Via: ScreenAnarchy

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