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Trailer for Steinslaw Lem Adaptation HIS MASTER'S VOICE

By John Connor [10.11.19]

In this modern adaptation of Steinslaw Lem's (Solaris) classic sci-fi story, a young man searches for his father after he disappears while working on a highly classified project for the United States government that involves extraterrestrials.

The film comes from Hungarian writer/director György Pálfi.

Péter is in his late thirties when he thinks he recognizes his father in a documentary on a mysterious accident. His father has deserted from Communist Hungary in the 70s, a criminal offense under that regime, and has not been heard of since.

Péter travels to America and, after an eventful investigation, finds his father and his new family. The reunion brings plenty of experiences and teaches several lessons to both son and father. Also, as a consequence, the world is informed that the mute universe has spoken and that we are not alone.

Check out the trailer below:

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  • MichaelRAllen (8 months ago)

    Does anyone know what a "Hunarian" is? Lol.
  • Christopher (8 months ago)

  • Stress (8 months ago)

    Anyone know where I can watch it online? Info on IMDB says it came out in 2018.
  • Wumpus (8 months ago)

    HMV is even less "adaptable" than Solaris, so I'm not surprised that liberties were taken with the story. I'm still skeptical that the ideas/philosophy would translate to a movie, though.
  • MichaelRAllen (8 months ago)

    @Stress Capital Motion Picture Group is the distributor in Canada. But, their online rental store does not work. No other info.
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