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THE ARCHIVIST: Dystopian Western Channels Roger Corman [Trailer]

By John Connor [03.24.20]

The Archivist, a genre blending dystopian western with strong influences from Sergio Leone, Roger Corman, Monte Hellman films and a soundtrack inspired by Ennio Morricone and 70's rock, depicts a bizarre near-future totalitarian society where “the past is forbidden and memories are treason" and bloodthirsty government agents called “archivists” scour a fallen America for illegal artifacts of civilization and punish those who harbor them.

The film directed by was Eric Hand was shot on 35mm Technsicope cameras used on "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly".

The Archivist stars Eric Hand, Dale Shumate, Butch Thompson, and Jennifer Giles.

Check out the trailer below (via. ScreenAnarchy).

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  • sorry (9 months ago)

    this looks fucking pathetic
  • Thompson (9 months ago)

    Another example of how film is superior to digital.
    This looks great and i hope to see it.
  • Coco_Goldstein (9 months ago)

    I agree with Sorry.

    This look horrible and the premise really doesn't make any sense.
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