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Fantasy Thriller KING'S GAMBIT Alters Events on a Global Scale this April!

By John Connor [03.26.20]

King's Gambit is a fantasy drama from the mind of Joseph Sayer. Sayer wrote and produced this feature, which follows a Herald and his mystical journal. His notebook has the ability to change global events and this power brings a legion of adversaries.

King's Gambit will release in theatres and in home theatres this April 3rd, 2020.

King's Gambit hosts a large cast including Blake Webb of "American Horror Story" fame stars as Bryce, the Herald. Rebecca Galaraza (The Investigator) also stars as Ashley, along with Reggie Peters (HazMat) and Wade Hunt Williams.

Indican Pictures will show King' Gambit in early April. This title is expected to see a limited screening on April 3rd. This initial release will be followed by another on Digital and DVD.

Check out the official trailer for King's Gambit below:

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