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BEHIND YOU Bring Chills and Creeps [Review]

By David House [04.14.20]

There's nothing like a good horror film to distract your attention from worldly woes and boy is this ever a great time for it. Well, good news folks, Behind You is arriving just in time to do the job.

Early in the film we meet sisters Claire and Olivia, who have just lost their mother in a tragic accident. Since their father is working abroad and can't be reached they are delivered to their mother's family home to be cared for by their estranged Aunt Beth who they've never met. Aunt Beth is distant and decidedly unfriendly when they arrive, saying she doesn't want to take care of them. Resignedly. She agrees that they can stay until their father can be located. Right away she lays down the rules - her study is off-limits; the basement door is locked and under no circumstances are they to go down there; and they are to ignore any nighttime noises they hear and stay in their room after 10:00 at night until called down for breakfast.

Of course as you might expect in a horror movie, Claire, the younger sister gets up in the middle of their first night there and goes exploring places she's been warned to stay away from. First she discovers dark and horrific family secrets. Then she uncovers a hidden mirror; where she unknowingly awakens 'it' - an entity of extreme malevolence. Can this malicious demon enter young Claire and use her as a gateway to move out through her on its path to world destruction? Can they find a way to defeat it? Buckle your seat belt and hold on tight.

I was surprised to discover that this is the directorial debut of co-directors Andrew Meacham and Mathew Weadon. Wow, there's no rookie jitters here. This is a top notch production on all levels with excellent cinematography, lighting, sets and locations. The music too is great; adding lots of tension and a spooky atmosphere. The acting is also terrific, with standout performances from Elizabeth Birkner as young Claire and Addy Miller as her sister Olivia.

Many genre films like this one have a lot of scenes that take place at nighttime; in the dark and gloom; in a basement or a dimly candlelit room. That's also the case here and I think that this film would really benefit from being seen in the darkness of a movie theater with other frightened, gasping and screaming film fans. Sadly this film is opening during the social isolation of the current COVID crisis, so make sure you turn off all the lights; create blackout conditions as best you can; curl up on the couch with your partner or pet; and get ready to be thrilled and chilled and creeped out big time.

Maybe when this crisis has passed, your local cinema will bring Behind You back for a Saturday midnight screening and you and your friends will be able to scream your lungs out all over again.

Behind You is available on VOD April 17.

Recommended Release: Oculus

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