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A Comet Destoys Earth in GREENLAND Trailer

By John Connor [06.25.20]

In Ric Roman Waugh's upcoming disaster flick starring Gerard Butler, a family fights for survival as a planet-killing comet races to Earth. John Garrity (Gerard Butler), his estranged wife Allison (Morena Baccarin), and young son Nathan make a perilous journey to their only hope for sanctuary.

Amid terrifying news accounts of cities around the world being leveled by the comet's fragments, the Garrity's experience the best and worst in humanity. As the countdown to global apocalypse approaches zero, their incredible trek culminates in a desperate and last-minute flight to a possible safe haven.

Greenland will open in theaters on August 14.


Recommended Release: 2012

  • JohnVKaravitis (5 months ago)

    Conflicted about movies in this genre. There's no way anyone will survive, yet....
  • Thompson (5 months ago)

    I really missed those asteroid apocalypse !
  • cincoboy (4 months ago)

    "his estranged wife"

    Such a cliche. It must be a legal requirement that your disaster movie features a separated family. Definitely not a lazy way to introduce some cheap drama...
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