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Joe Manganiello is a Washed Up Superhero in ARCHENEMY [Trailer]

By Marina Antunes [10.06.20]

Writer/director Adam Egypt Mortimer really impressed me with last year's Daniel Isn't Real which provided an interesting new take on a familiar story and delivered it with an assurance of a seasoned filmmaker.

I was already predisposed to being excited for his new feature but Archenemy, which stars Hollywood's favourite dungeon master Joe Manganiello as Max Fist, a drunk who claims to be a super hero from another dimension who has fallen to Earth and lost his powers. Most people ignore his stories as grand tales or wishful thinking from a washout; everyone except for Hamster (Skylan Brooks), a local teen convinced that Max is telling the truth and the pair team-up to clean up the streets.

The film also stars Zolee Griggs, Amy Seimetz, and Glenn Howerton.

It's gritty, dark and doesn't appear to take itself too seriously which is exactly the kind of superhero movie I like. Plus Manganiello looks as imposing as ever, especially with the beard which adds an air of menace to the character.

Archenemy is premiering at Beyond Fest and will be available in theatres, digital and on demand on December 11.

Recommended Release: Daniel Isn't Real

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