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Split Personality Thriller MINOR PREMISE Coming Soon [Trailer]

By Marina Antunes [11.19.20]

One of the most interesting sci-fi thrillers I've seen this year is Eric Schultz feature film debut Minor Premise.

The film stars Sathya Sridharan as Ethan, a brilliant scientist living under the shadow of his famous father and trying to make a name of himself. In his efforts, he decides to test a hypothesis on himself and in the process, fractures his mind/consciousness/self. The result is that he blacks out for periods of time and when wakes up, he can't remember what happened. With the help of Alli (Paton Ashbrook), the pair discover what Ethan has done and devise a plan to re-connect the various parts of Ethan.


Schultz is best known as a producer of such great indies as James White and The Strange Ones but he makes a great leap into filmmaking with Minor Premise. The movie is not flashy, if anything it takes a very lo-fi approach to sci-fi, but the script and story are solid as are the performances from Sridharan and Ashbook.

Minor Premise open in theatres, virtual cinemas and on digital and on-demand on December 4.

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