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Frank Grillo Schemes Addicts in BODY BROKERS [Trailer]

By Marina Antunes [01.29.21]

Let me tell you. Seeing Frank Grillo in a movie where he’s not wielding a gun is... weird.

Written and directed by John Swab, Body Brokers stars Jack Kilmer and Alien Englert as Utah and Opal, a couple who are also junkies living on the streets of Ohio. While going about their business, they meet Wood (Michael Kenneth Williams), a charismatic savior who offers to take the pair to LA for recovery at a treatment center run by Vin (Grillo). All seems well until Utah discovers that the entire thing is nothing more than a scheme to rip-off insurance companies and the next thing you know, he’s knee-deep on the action.

Body Brokers is basically The Big Short for the addiction epidemic.

I’m completely baffled but not at all surprised that this is a real thing that’s happening in the world. I’m even more surprised that it’s the first I’m hearing of it. Swab’s movie seems to be getting at some hard truths in an entertaining fashion.

Body Brokers will be available on digital and VOD February 19.

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