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Pot, Guns and SASQUATCH [Trailer]

By Marina Antunes [03.16.21]

Hippies listening to the Grateful Dead, guns, pot, and Big Foot? These are all at the center of Sasquatch.

The three-part miniseries from the Duplas Brothers and executive producer Joshua Rofé, follows investigative reporter David Holthouse as he travels into the Redwoods of Northern California to investigate a the brutal murder of three men. He first heard the story during a visit to the area 25 years prior but what caught Holthouse's attention was the fact that locals believe the murders were a result of a Bigfoot attack.

So is Sasquatch really wondering around the Redwoods or were the killings the result of pot grower infighting? It's not clear that Holthouse gets to the bottom of the mystery but the search certainly looks like it'll be entertaining.

Sasquatch is making its debut at SXSW later this week but the series will be available to stream on Hulu starting April 20.

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