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Jake Gyllenhaal is a 911 Operator in Nic Pizzolatto's THE GUILTY [Trailer]

By John Connor [09.07.21]

From True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto and directed by
Antoine Fuqua (Magnificent 7), The Guilty stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a demoted police officer assigned to a call dispatch desk who is conflicted when he receives an emergency phone call from a kidnapped woman.

The Guilty, a remake of the Danish film of the same name, takes place over the course of a single morning in a 911 dispatch call center. Call operator Joe Bayler (Gyllenhaal) tries to save a caller in grave danger—but he soon discovers that nothing is as it seems, and facing the truth is the only way out.

There are no shortages of thrillers like this. Who remember Cellular?

Check out the trailer below:

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