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UPDATED: Watch First Footage for THE MATRIX RESURECTIONS if you are Wiling to Work for It

By John Connor [09.07.21]

The Matrix Resurrections trailer is finally arriving later this week, to take us back into the world of the original Matrix Trilogy and reunite us with Neo and Trinity.

It originally debuted at CinemaCon last month and fans have been waiting desperately for it to arrive online. It's now been confirmed that the full trailer will arrive on Thursday, September 9 at 6am PT/2pm UK time.

If you go to the film's official website, you can choose the red or blue pill to get your first look at footage from the movie. Depending on the pill you choose and the time you visit the site, you get different footage from the trailer.

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According to EW, there are more than 180,000 video variations, so happy hunting! We'll give you this image of Keanu Reeves back as Neo for a starter though.

UPDATE: Watch the footage found on the website above below:

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