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Trailer for SyFy's New DAY OF THE DEAD TV Series!

By John Connor [10.07.21]

DAY OF THE DEAD (inspired by Romero's classic film of the same name) on SyFy follows a group of strangers trying to survive the first 24 hours of an undead invasion. Apparently, four episodes of the ten episode series will be directed by Steven Kostanski (The Void, Psycho Goreman) directing four of those episodes.

This ode to George A. Romero’s famous flesh-eaters reminds us that sometimes all it takes to bring people together is a horde of hungry zombies trying to rip them apart.

Premieres Friday, October 15 10/9c!

Check out the trailer:

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  • Digger (1 week ago)

    Z Nation did it better, and the 1st season of The Walking Dead did it better...
  • Unknowable (1 week ago)

    If it's the first 24 hours, would it not be based off of "Night?" Possibly "Dawn?" But certainly not "Day." (trailer makes it look like it was made for 12 year olds)
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