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Famous First Films: Tom Cruise's Film Noir Short THE FRIGHTENING FRAMMIS

By John Connor [05.11.22]

In 1993, Hollywood A-lister Tom Cruise (Top Gun: Maverick, Oblivion) directed a short film noire film called The Frightening Frammis.

In the 30 minutes short based on the short story by author Jim Thompson, we meet our anti-hero, grafter Mitch Allison, disheveled and walking by the side of the road.

He tells us in a flash back narrative how he stole $25,000 from his con-artist wife Bette and jumped on a train hoping to double the money in a scam. He meets sultry Babe and gets involved in more than he bargained for. The twists and turns never stop in this fast paced tale.

The shot film, which is Tom Cuise's only directing credit was part of an anthology called Fallen Angels.

You can watch the film below, and be sure to subscribe to Famous First Films on YouTube which continues to bring you the directorial debuts of some of the biggest names in film history.

Recommended Release: Top Gun

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