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Welcome to THE FRINGE - The Exciting New Cinematic Universe Coming from the Makers of PROSPECT

By John Connor [05.18.22]

Something very special is coming from the creators of Prospect (review). Directors Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell are kickstarting one of the coolest looking new cinematic universes via an NFT drop and if you are not convinced by all the amazing and meticulously detailed material and thoughtful backstory they've created for it, I don't know what to tell you.

The world they are created looks to be set within the same one as Prospect, one owing to the western tradition of lawlessness and populated by miners, engineers, bounty hunters, trappers and mercenaries.

Read an introduction to The Fringe world.

To launch development, the writer-directors have put together a group of artisans they call the TAKA Artist Collective to release an NFT collection in March composed of in-world characters known as Drifters, the working-class Joes and Janes through whom the filmmakers plan to explore this world. You can learn more about those opportunities on the official site.

Read filmmaker Zeek Earl's manifesto about the future of independent filmmaking with Web3.

Now put your headphones on and watch loud for maximum rad.

Recommended Release: Prospect

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  • CCC (2 months ago)

    Via NFT? I hope it fails.
  • buddy (2 months ago)

    I don't know about the nft's but their website is worth checking out. I like the mask page. Also Prospect ruled, I would love a tv series or movie sequel
  • Hz (2 months ago)

    NFT? Let it die in a fire.
  • Hz (2 months ago)

    Having read the manifesto now, getting even angrier about this. Yeah, let's start a Ponzi scheme and sell it to people by promising them they will own a part of a new Star-Wars-like movie franchise. Can't wait for this harmful NFT fad to be over.
  • Wumpus (2 months ago)

    It's just crowdfunding, people. But instead of a worthless signed photo or set of collectors cards, you get a worthless NFT.
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