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MANBORG Novelization Out Now!

By John Connor [06.14.22]

A novelization of on the cult classic movie Manborg (review) by Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie.

About the book:
The Hell Wars ended 10 years ago.

Hell won.

Tonight, a half-human cyborg powers up. He died as an army grunt, but now he rises as a hero named MANBORG. He seeks answers about his mysterious origins as he battles the hordes of armed demons that killed him and conquered his world.

He teams up with a gunslinger named Justice and his knife-expert sister, Mina. Number 1 Man, a martial arts master, completes the unlikely squad. Together, they face damned legions, monsters, and finally Hell’s ruler on Earth: Count Draculon.

Recommended Release: Manborg Paperback

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