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Trailer for Indigenous Apocalyptic Film POLARIS

By John Connor [07.04.22]

Check out the trailer for the new Canadian dystopian apocalypse thriller Polaris, which is all set to open this year's edition of the Fantasia International Film Festival.

The KC Carthew's sophomore feature film which stars Viva Lee (Deadly Class) as Sumi and Khamisa Wilsher (Charmed) as Frozen Girl.

Set in 2144 against the backdrop of a frozen wasteland, Sumi, a human child raised by Mama Polar Bear, narrowly escapes capture from a brutal Morad hunting party and sets out across the vast winter landscape. When Sumi stumbles across Frozen Girl, an unlikely friendship is forged and together they race ahead of the vindictive hunters towards the only guiding light Sumi knows, the Ploaris star.

Check out the trailer below:

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  • Wumpus (1 month ago)

    Not bad! The bear looks very good for what must be a low budget affair.
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