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William Gibson Wrote a VR Episode of the X-Files Called "First Person Shooter"

By John Connor [10.18.22]

In the seventh season of the X-Files cyberpunk author William Gibson wrote a virtual reality episode called First Person Shooter. It was co-written by Tom Maddox, and was directed by series' creator Chris Carter.

The episode also serves as the spiritual successor to Gibson and Maddox's earlier episode "Kill Switch." Gibson was motivated to write the episode after the success of "Kill Switch." The episode featured several elaborate special effects sequences that nearly put the episode over budget.

While investigating a murder, Mulder and Scully skirmish with a homicidal digital character inside a virtual reality game.

In the episode, Mulder and Scully lock and load with the Lone Gunmen to see and experience what appears to be a killer video game.

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