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Battle for Pandora Trailer!

By John Connor [12.02.22]

From the studio that brought us Titanic 2 and Sharknado, comes Battle for Pandora!

After a help signal from a research vessel makes it back to Earth, the U.S. Space Force sends a rescue ship out to Pandora, a moon of Saturn's. But when they try to land, they discover Pandora is already inhabited by a highly evolved humanoid species that won’t give up their Earthling prisoners without a fight.

Battle for Pandora, The Asylum's upcoming mockbuster that stars Tom Sizemore.

Battle for Pandora stars Tom Sizemore, Kristos Andrews, and Mark Andrew Riketson.

The film is set to release in select theaters on December 2.

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  • Digger (2 months ago)

    Well, their CGI is getting better. I realize they've made a career on riffing on mainline films, but I have to wonder if they could ever be a solid alt studio for indy filmmakers, if only they would try to be serious.
  • Spunky (1 month ago)

    OMG...that looks...awful
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