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New Blu-ray and 4K Releases [February 7, 2022]

By John Connor [02.07.23]

In Bubba Ho-Tep Bruce Campbell (Army of Darkness) "gives his greatest and most entertaining performance to date" (Premiere) as an aging and cantankerous "Elvis" in this "zinger-filled crowd-pleaser" (The Hollywood Reporter) from writer-director Don Coscarelli (Phantasm, John Dies at the End)!

When mysterious deaths plague a Texas retirement home, it's up to its most sequined senior citizen to take on a 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy with a penchant for cowboy boots, bathroom graffiti and sucking the souls from the barely living!

Bonus Content:
4K Scan from the Original Camera Negative
In Dolby Vision (HDR 10 Compatible)
Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Don Coscarelli and Actor Bruce Campbell
Audio Commentary with Author Joe R. Lansdale
Audio Commentary with "The King"
Previously Unreleased Featurette: Bubba Ho-Tep Filming Locations Then and Now
Previously Unreleased Featurette: Bubba Ho-Tep Egyptian Theatre Premiere
Previously Unreleased Featurette: Bubba Ho-Tep at The Toronto Film Festival
Audio Commentary with Director Don Coscarelli and Actor Bruce Campbell
The King Lives: An Interview with Bruce Campbell
All Is Well: An Interview with Don Coscarelli
Mummies and Makeup: An Interview with Makeup Effects Artist Robert Kurtzman
The Making of Bubba Ho-Tep
To Make a Mummy: Makeup and Effects
Fit For a King: Elvis Costuming
Rock Like an Egyptian: How Celebrated Composer Brian Tyler Created the Stunning Score
Bubba Ho-Tep: The Music Video
Joe R. Lansdale Reads Bubba Ho-Tep
Deleted Scenes with Optional Audio Commentary with Don Coscarelli and Bruce Campbell
Footage From the Temple Room Floor
Archival Bruce Campbell Interviews
Music Video
Theatrical Trailer
TV Spot
Photo Gallery


After her mother's mysterious death, Abigail Arcane (Heather Locklear) travels to the Florida swamps to confront her resurrected evil stepfather Dr. Anton Arcane (Louis Jourdan). In an attempt to stave off the effects of aging, Dr. Arcane, assisted by Dr. Lana Zurrell (Sarah Douglas), combines genes from various swamp animals and human beings, creating an army of monsters known as Un-Men. When Abby arrives, Dr. Arcane is hell-bent on taking his own stepdaughter's life in the name of science... that is until she is rescued by SWAMP THING in this must-see sequel to the original cult classic and based on the award-winning DC Comics series!

From the executive producers of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Benjamin Melniker and Michael E. Uslan and legendary cult film director Jim Wynorski (Chopping Mall, Not of This Earth),The Return of Swamp Thing features an all-star cast that includes Heather Locklear (Melrose Place, Uptown Girls), Louis Jordan (Swamp Thing, Octopussy), Sarah Douglas (Superman II, Conan The Destroyer) and Dick Durock (Raw Deal, Stand By Me) returning as the SWAMP THING.

Making its debut on the 4K Ultra HD format, 'The Return of Swamp Thing' boasts a brand new 4K restoration from the original interpositive featuring Dolby Vision / HDR mastering.


BRAND NEW 4K restoration from the original interpositive with Dolby Vision / HDR mastering.
BRAND NEW: Reflections on Swamp Thing 35 years later by Michael Uslan, Producer of both Swamp Thing movies and Exec Producer of all the Batman movies.
BRAND NEW: Music Video by the RiffTones: 'Your Ever-Loving Swamp Thing'
Original 2.0 and 5.1 Stereo Audio
Audio commentary from Director Jim Wynorski, Composer Chuck Cirino and Editor Leslie Rosenthal
Audio commentary from Director Jim Wynorski
Interview with Editor Leslie Rosenthal
Interview with Composer Chuck Cirino
Interview with Director Jim Wynorski
Interview with Lightyear Entertainment Executive Arnie Holland
1989 Promo Reel
Photo Gallery (accompanied by Chuck Cirino's film's score)
Original Theatrical Trailer (HD Transfer from original 35mm materials)
2 TV Spots
6 Promotional TV Clips
2 Greenpeace Public Service Announcements

HE'S NOT HOME ALONE! The 90s cult classic is back!

Directed by Chris Walas - FX genius of Gremlins and The Fly - The Vagrant is a demented black comedy starring cult icons Bill Paxton (Aliens, Twister), Michael Ironside (Scanners, Starship Troopers), Colleen Camp (Death Game, Clue) and Marshall Bell (Freddy's Revenge, Total Recall) in a grimy blend of satire and grisly terror.

Mild-mannered financial clerk Graham Krakowski buys a run-down starter home only to discover a vagrant, living in the empty lot across the street, keeps appearing inside. Attempts to remove the homeless man lead to a feud that spirals out of control and tests Graham's sanity as the vagrant engages him in twisted mind games, defiling his home, and framing him for gruesome murders.

Beloved character actor Bill Paxton stepped up to leading man status in The Vagrant and proved his extraordinary range in a role that runs the gamut of emotions and climbs to stratospheric heights of craziness. Newly restored from the original camera negative The Vagrant is a one of a kind movie that deserves a place in any cult film collection.

An upstanding pastor uncovers a dark and twisted underworld as he searches for answers surrounding his daughter’s brutal murder.

Marc Menchaca (Ozark), Michael Lombardi (Rescue Me), and Joseph Gatt (Game of Thrones) star alongside Five Finger Death Punch, Tommy Lee, Papa Roach, The Hu, Ice Nine Kills and Escape The Fate. Also stars Jacoby Shaddix, Ivan Moody and Katie Kelly.

Score by Stranger Things composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein.

Special Features: Cast Interviews, The Retaliators Music Videos, Theatrical Trailer

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